Drop in set is designed for skiers to stop in for a set (6 passes through course)

 6 passes on lake. Approximately 15 min of on water time

No. Anytime you ski with us we will give you pointers to be better.

No. Fuel is included in all of our products

When the person wants to learn. We recommend not to push kids to ski too early. If they want to learn then that’s the time. YouTube is a great place to watch kids learning to ski with your kids to get them excited to learn

Yes by appointment only

We have all the equipment needed to have a great time on the lake. If you have your own equipment please bring it with you.

Yes. We dont like to drive in the rain either!!

No. All Bow passes are good for our ski season, May through September

A bunch!! Take Chuckanut drive north to Bellingham, a fun waterfront city. To the west is Edison, a small town with a bunch of character. To the south is La Connor. We can give you fun and food recommendations, just ask!!


We can’t wait to show you around our beautiful watersports facility