Wakeboard / Water Ski Lessons

July 4th 2014, I wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time and both Sara and Hannah made huge progress and looking forward to the rest of the summer on the water. We defiantly will return soon for another clinic. Please pass along to you team that they were great instructors and made everyone at ease. The hospitality was perfect.

Thanks and have an awesome 4th!!

Mike and Sara

July 5th 2013, A huge thank you to Jake & Chad for the incredible lesson they gave to Spencer, Paige, Teagan, Kent & Evan today.  They learned a lot and had a really fun time.

Thanks again!

Jane Smith

Day At The Lake

May 13th 2012, Thanks Jake for a great time and a black eye yesterday!  I have a lot to work on this season…hopefully mike, Tyler and I can come back later on in the summer and with any luck I can show succes with what you tried to teach this old dog

Thanks again
Jim Weinbrecht


April 20, 2012 Justin,Thank you so much for yesterday. Ken and I are both pleased with your positive attitude and knowledge you have so you were able to teach us to safely wakeboard. We were also amazed at how quickly we picked up wakeboarding. The cues were right on, easy to understand and also it was a comfortable relaxed environment. I’m not the most relaxed person around yet you and your team made me feel at home and ready to go. Your consistent feedback, exceptional quality of instruction and inspiring motivation is what will bring us back next week. Keep up the great work and see you soon with a few more friends.

Stephanie Singer

First Time At Bow Lake

Friday april 17, 2012 My first time out at Bow Lake was great. It was my first time wakeboarding and it could not have been a better time. The relaxed atmosphere and people make Bow Lake a great place to spend the whole day at. The equipment, boat and drivers were awesome and were appropriate for my skill and fun. As this was my first time wakeboarding the instruction before I got out onto the lake as well as ongoing advice when I was in the water was much appreciated and excellent.  As I left I was asking myself why I hadn’t been to Bow Lake before. Needless to say I’ll be back again to improve my wakeboard and water ski skills and just chill out after a week of school and work in B-ham.

–          Andy Monro, Western WA University Student

My Bow Lake Experience

  Tuesday April 3, 2012    Bow Lake is absolutely fantastic! It was a great experience for me last year, as it was my first time water skiing. I was very welcomed and everybody was really friendly! Justin, Phil, and Jake are great instructors. They got me water skiing in no time! They also encouraged me to try new sports such as bare footing, wake boarding, wake skating, and wake surfing, which I found to be my favorite. I love having a long day of water skiing with friends, having dinner, going bowling and then coming back to wake surf under the stars. Another thing that I really enjoy is the gym for when its rainy you can play basketball, skateboard, play ping-pong, just relax, or do many other things. Sue is an amazing cook, who makes great, healthy meals after a long day of water skiing. I also really enjoyed the camps where I met knew friends that I still talk to. I feel very lucky that I got to start off my water skiing experience at Bow Lake and really look forward to come back this summer

-Kassandra, 13

West Seattle, WA

                                       WHY I LOVE WATERSPORTS CAMPS AT BOW LAKE

 August 20th, 2011. It’s a great way to learn new watersports and all of the instructor are very helpful and are patient! I’ve learned so many new sports at bow camps! It’s a fun atmosphere and a great place to try something new. Also the lake is awesome and I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer!

-Allie Moodie, 13

Sammamish, WA

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

“Thanks for an awesome Women’s Weekend, so much fun, picture perfect weather. I hope to post my pictures soon. Nice to meet all the instructors and the lovely ladies. I learned lots, enjoyed the company, just loved the weekend away. Oh, and the wake boarding and wake surfing was great. I highly recommend it!”

-Lisa Edwards Bellevue, WA


Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Hi Doug,

Well we had an amazing 3 days with you, Julie and the boys. It was so laid back yet the skiing was full on!

Madi, Phoebe & Alun definitely improved with the skiing and I really enjoyed pretending I was 20 again and attempting wakeboarding. The hot tub was great while we waited for our turn….a great way to get to know the others on the camp.

The property was so beautiful and hearing the coyotes at night was great….as were the smores over the campfire.

We will be back….and hope to see the Bermuda flag fluttering on the island.

Kim, Alun, Madison & Phoebe – your Bermuda ski friends.

-Kimberly Bermuda


Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Hello Doug,

We do represent very well Bow Lake this last tournament.
Both Vicente and Santiago capture first places in all three events on Boys 2.

Very good performance for Santiago in tricks and Jump.
Vicente get his PB in slalom with 2 @28 off.

Everybody ask where we train and we were proud to mention Bow Lake.

-Rodrigo Sammamish


Monday, October 9th, 2006

Thank you again for the lessons on the lake! I appreciate your patience and “going with the slow flow”, including a visit from my Mom. Thanks for the push to get there this season—was really great!

Warning—We’ll be back!!

-Alana Morris Mercer Island


Saturday, September 23rd, 2006


By Michelle E.

1. Bought a weekly time slot at Bow Lake

2. Developed a sudden aversion to skiing on public water, causing me to max out my Visa card signing up for every available camp & weekend at Bow.

3. Met many fabulous fellow ski chicks at Ladies Weekend I & II.

4. Gleefully neglected non-skiing friends, family, & job.

5. Improved the quality & consistency of my slalom skiing and wakeboarding

6. Developed a Pavlovian association between course skiing & REO Speedwagon, thanks to the bizarre musical tastes of my boat crew.

7. Sustained minor liver damage & episodic hypothermia trying to keep up with the Bow After Hours scene.

8. Spent a memorable season at an unbeatable venue, in the company of exceptional & fun-loving people. Thank you to Doug, Julie, Sue, & Bow Boyz for all of your hospitality!

-Michelle E. Sammamish


Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Fantastic Carl Roberge Clinic last Saturday!!

Top notch personal instruction, flawless logistics, great group, positive energy, just perfect!

Nicely done, Bow Lake team!!

-Scott Colvin Mt. Baker, WA


Monday, April 24th, 2006

You MUDDER FUGGERS! I could barely get up and out of bed today, and I actually had to have my daughter help me with one of my socks. To top it off one of my toes was black and blue from the last spill I had into the weeds. After sitting in my chair for three hours, I just tried to get up and walk to the front door, but I couldn’t even do that without much pain and agony. CRAP, I’m here for the day until my wheel chair arrives. I’ll keep my phone on in case “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.

Bottom line. Thanks again for the great food, great instruction, soothing hot tub and the pain. What a class act establishment and a great time. That’s all I can write as my fingers actually hurt as well.

Thanks again,

-Jason Shaw

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

My son, Parker (seven years old) and I took lessons with you on Thursday, August 11th in the evening. I took lessons because I have never been able to get up (I am in my 40’s) and I was vacationing the next week with a good friend who happens to be an avid wake boarder. He has tried to get me up for the last three years. He recently took lessons from you and recommended that I give you a try. At my lesson you were able to get me up (it took a few times), but most important, I want to thank you for your patience. I spent the next week wake boarding (I had a great time). My son also enjoyed your lessons and he advanced quite a bit during vacation.

Thanks again!

-Craig Boyes