Chad Spady

Wake/Ski Coach

About Chad

Why watersports? Growing up on a lake, especially bow lake it’s hard to take yourself away form the lake. It’s a great place to socialize, relax, and enjoy your time on some of the finest water in the northwest. So when you ask why watersports, I ask why not? Wakeboard and/or ski Waterski: Both board/ski You ride: Board: 142 slingshot kine, or a 142 hyperlite franchise Ski: 67 Coefficient Stance: Gooooofffyyy! Why do you ride: I ride for the fact that I have come to live the feeling and lifestyle surrounding the sport, along with I need something to keep me busy in the summer after snowboarding all winter hoping on a wakeboard or ski just seems like the right thing to do, and it feels great! Why Bow Lake: Because it has everything right there for you! You have the top of the line gear always at your fingertips, glassy water, certified instructors, rails and jumps, premium boats, professional slalom course, and stadium lights to keep your fun going as long as you can handle it! You can’t ask for much more when you feel that itch to get out and ride! Other hobbies: Snowboarding, soccer, art, traveling, and school Top 3 cures for boredom: building/inventing things (or try to at least), music, art Tunes: All tunes! Bring it all! Movie: anchorman, old school, and the big laboswki TV: fuel TV, mtv, anything really I don’t watch much TV Animal: wolf Favorite Lake: hmmmm… BOW LAKE!! Favorite traveling destination: Spain, Australia, NDO road trips, Snowboard trips.

About Michael

Being on the water is in my blood. One conversation with my father would reveal a lifetime on the water; skiing after dark, waking up on a beach floating in a tent, toddlers in homemade ski-boat car seats, and enjoying time on the water with good company. My parents even drove away from their wedding reception in the back of their pink and teal ‘89 Malibu Skier. Point is, there’s just something about gliding across water that brings people together. Being on the water is about exploring and meeting great people. I just want to share that experience with as many people as possible. Wakeboard and/or Waterski: Both. Waterskiing is about speed and wakeboarding is about style. They make a great pair. You ride: HO Syndicate A1 and any wakeboard I can get my hands on. Stance: Regular Why do you ride: I love to ride because it gives me a place to challenge myself and meet great people who love to have fun. Why Bow Lake: Fun atmosphere, right riding, great gear, phenomenal coaching, and a beautiful location. What’s not to like? Other Hobbies: Downhill longboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding and filming action sports. Tunes: Almost anything, just give me good vibes! TV: Try to stay away from it. Movie: Christmas Vacation. You just can’t beat Chevy Chase. Animal: Any dog Favorite Lake: Bow Lake and Rainier Lake Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere I haven’t been before

Michael Rivera

Wake/Ski Coach