Bow Lake Crew

Full Name: Jake Sims

Hometown: Woodinville, Washington
Current Location: Bellingham, Washington
Birthday: September 27, 1990
Position at Bow Lake Watersports: wake/water ski instructor

My Biggest focus on the water is to shred as much as possible on the wake, rails and slalom. My focus for the future is to get my business and marketing degree from WWU and hopefully continue to stay working in the water sports industry. My lifestyle is to wakeboard and waterski as much as possible during the summer. When I’m not on the water I try to ride my mtn bike and ride motocross as much as I can!

Wakeboard and/or Waterski: Both Board / ski
you ride: Hyperlite Franchise 142 with Marek system bindings and 67” Coefficient with exo bindings
Stance: Regular
Why do you ride: I have to be on the water. I have been wakeboarding and waterskiing for while and love the atmosphere of being on the lake. And I like hanging out with other people that like watersports.
Why Bow lake: One of the nicest private lakes in Washington. Awesome lake with stadium lights, sliders and a slalom course and a ramp cant ask for much more!
Other hobbies: DH mtn. Biking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, the occasional skate and a little golf when I have time.
Top 3 Cures for boredom: jammin on the guitar, building stuff, working out.
Tunes: Hip Hop, rock, reggae, country, pretty much anything but heavy metal.
TV: Fuel TV and Fantasy Factory
Movie: Point Break Power
Animal: killer whale(Orca)
Favorite Lake: Bow Lake for sure
Favorite traveling destination: Maui and Bahamas for warm trips and Whistler for the snow and dirt.

Full Name: Chad Spady

Hometown: Bow Lake, WA
Current Location: Bellingham, WA
Birthday: February 23rd, 1994
Position at Bow Lake Watersports: Wake/ski instructor

Why watersports? Growing up on a lake, especially bow lake it’s hard to take yourself away form the lake. It’s a great place to socialize, relax, and enjoy your time on some of the finest water in the northwest. So when you ask why watersports, I ask why not?

Wakeboard and/or ski Waterski: Both board/ski
You ride: Board: 142 slingshot kine, or a 142 hyperlite franchise Ski: 67 Coefficient
Stance: Gooooofffyyy!
Why do you ride: I ride for the fact that I have come to live the feeling and lifestyle surrounding the sport, along with I need something to keep me busy in the summer after snowboarding all winter hoping on a wakeboard or ski just seems like the right thing to do, and it feels great!
Why Bow Lake: Because it has everything right there for you! You have the top of the line gear always at your fingertips, glassy water, certified instructors, rails and jumps, premium boats, professional slalom course, and stadium lights to keep your fun going as long as you can handle it! You can’t ask for much more when you feel that itch to get out and ride!
Other hobbies: Snowboarding, soccer, art, traveling, and school
Top 3 cures for boredom: building/inventing things (or try to at least), music, art
Tunes: All tunes! Bring it all!
Movie: anchorman, old school, and the big laboswki
TV: fuel TV, mtv, anything really I don’t watch much TV
Animal: wolf
Favorite Lake: hmmmm… BOW LAKE!!
Favorite traveling destination: Spain, Australia, NDO road trips, Snowboard trips.

Full Name: Jon Kristofer Olson

Hometown: Brier, WA
Current Location: Bellingham, WA
Birthday: June 22nd, 1990
Position at Bow Lake Watersports: Wake/Ski Instructor

My Biggest focus on the water is having as much fun as possible, because after all that’s what water sports are all about. My focus for my future is to graduate from Western and then travel as much as possible, putting off the idea of a “real job” as long as I can. My lifestyle is crazy. I’m constantly trying to push the limits of my abilities in the water, on the snow or whatever other terrain I end up on. When I’m not on the water, I can most likely be found at the liquor store (don’t worry, I work there!)

Wakeboard and/or Waterski: Both Board / ski
you ride: Hyperlite Union 138 and HO S2 166.5 when I’m not on my 1975 Connelly Comp 2
Stance: Goofy for life
Why do you ride: I’ve been riding since I was about 8 and I come from a long line of Watersports enthusiasts, so by now it’s engrained into my lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier than being on or behind a boat in sun.
Why Bow lake: The real question is “Why not?”. Bow Lake offers what every rider dreams of: flat water, rails, stadium lights for night riding, a great atmosphere and some all around good people
Other hobbies: Snowboarding, surfing, traveling, and art. And I don’t know if it’s considered a hobby, but I really love to eat.
Top 3 Cures for boredom: Hitting the gym, anything outside, coming up with and carrying out the most creative practical jokes possible
Tunes: Rhythm & Blues Rock, Hip Hop, Roots rock reggae, and smooth jazz
TV: Kill Your Television
Movie: Absinthe NowHere, Billabong Inside Outside
Animal: The Great Alaskan Grizzly, King of the North
Favorite Lake: Bow Lake
Favorite traveling destination: Costa Rica for the surf and Tahoe in the winter.

Full Name: Michael Sandifer

Hometown: Friday Harbor, WA
Current Location: Bellingham, WA
Birthday: April 1st, 1991
Position at Bow Lake Watersports: Marketing Intern

Being out on the boat and in the sun is what I love about water sports. Wakeboarding has always been my favorite summer sport not only because its just downright fun but the atmosphere when you are out on the boat with a group of friends, well it just doesn’t get much better than that. My goals for now and for the future are to graduate next spring from Western Washington University with a BA in Marketing and a Minor in Economics, and then hopefully continue my career in the water sports industry working for a company like Hyperlite, Slingshot, or Ronix. The Spring and Summer months are the best months and when I’m not out at Bow Lake taking a few sets I play Tennis for the WWU Tennis team and love having a great time with friends.

Wakeboard and/or Waterski: Mainly Board, but I also like to Ski sometimes
You ride: Slingshot Kine w/ Shredtown bindings
Stance: Regular
Why do you ride: I love being out on the water and out in the sun. I started Wakeboarding/Waterskiing back when i was just out of diapers and have loved it ever since. The warm months of the year are the best months of the year and I love spending them out on the water.
Why Bow Lake: Bow Lake has a great atmosphere. All of the people that involved in everything from running/operating the lake to the owners of the lake are just great and friendly people to be around.
Other Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Frisbee Golf, Ping Pong, and almost any other sport you can think of.
Top 3 Cures for Boredom: Play a few games of Ping Pong with my roomies, Mario Kart on N64, Finding and listening to new music.
Tunes: Hip-Hop/Rap, Classic Rock, Electronic and some old school Funk every once in a while. Not a fan of Country or Hard Rock/Metal.
Movie: Anchorman or Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Animal: Cats…In general
Favorite Lake: Bow Lake and Lake Tahoe
Favorite Travel Destination: Lake Tahoe, Southern California, and I would love to make it to Australia sometime in the near future.

Full Name: Carl Roberge

Hometown: Bellingham WA
Position/ Rider at Bow Lake Watersports:  Resident Pro, Pro Water Ski Carrier

Over 100 Pro events win.
2006, inducted into the water-ski hall of fame
USOC 1995-1996 athlete of the year
1995-1996 pro tour ski jumping champion
Pro Tour Slalom Champion 1986
Winner of every major professional water-ski event
Multiple times US Team member
8 times Masters Champion
21 times US Open Champion

Water-ski and wake surf
Brand, old stuff works best
Stance: Regular and right
Why do you ride:
I am not certain if I learned to ski or walk first. Being on the lake with friends are some of my best memories, want to keep it going.

Why Bow lake:
I have skied at Bow going back to the time when it was first developed, testing skis after building them in the Seattle area.  The consistent calm water makes it one of the best ski lakes in the world.
Other hobbies: Surfing, Ice Hockey, Biking, snowboarding and skiing.
Top 3 Cures for boredom:  Bow Lake, Mt Baker, Westport Wa.
Tunes: Blues, rock, Jazz, Acid Jazz
TV: what is TV?  live webcast sport or movie
Movie: The Hangover, Old School , The Family Man
Animal: Tiger
Favorite traveling destination: Ocean, warm